Fall In Love With Open Shelf Kitchens

by | Apr 12, 2017

Open Shelf Kitchen Design Ideas

Open shelving makes some people a little standoffish. Having some items on display isn’t for everyone, but if you commit to the look it will really pay off. There are ways you can incorporate open shelving in your kitchen that will be both stylish, and functional.

Transform Your Kitchen With One New Feature

The ‘open wall shelving trend’ has been slow to take off in some niches, but as long as you can commit to a little organization, it will transform your entire kitchen into something new.

…make sure that you stay within a color palette and that the mismatched pieces have something in common – maybe they are all old, or all stoneware, etc. Mixing old and new is typically a good thing, but mixing vintage and new plates in the same stack tends to look messy and like a thrift store.

We love this kitchen’s blue, white, and gold mixture. This kitchen uses a white and blue colour palette for its open shelving that compliments the kitchen cabinets, creating a beautiful, clean, and crisp look.

Westridge Cabinets Open Shelf Coffee Bar

Photo Credit: Westridge Cabinets ltd

How To Fill Open Shelves

Westridge loves to play around with open shelving. This coffee bar uses a mix and match style for its shelving, which is a great way to showcase your dishes while simultaneously creating a design element. These shelves increase the functionality of your kitchen, making it easier to find what you’re looking for while taking on an industrial look. Read more about kitchen trends in 2017 in our last note!

Finding Your Style

Going back to Emily Henderson’s advice, it’s important to choose a colour palette for the items that will be displayed on your shelves. The classic white creates a clean, modern, and minimalist look that is perfect for brightening up the kitchen. On the other hand, a mix and match style can be used to create a more homely feel, and really capture your unique style.
Photo credit: Justina Blakeney’s new bohemians book, via remodelista.
Open shelving doubles as both cabinets and decoration so you can have fun with it! Display you favourite mugs for added style, or keep it clean and crisp – the choice is yours!

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