Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the wake of the devastating fire in Fort McMurray, Westridge Cabinets will be making a significant donation to the Canadian Red Cross and will be matching the donations of each of our employees.In such challenging times, it is of utmost importance to help then thousands of families who have been displaced from their homes and are looking for hope during this tragedy.

Westridge Cabinets is committed to helping those in their time of need and is encouraging our suppliers and trade partners to help in any way possible. In the coming weeks and months, as the people of Fort McMurray begin to rebuild, Westridge Cabinets is committed to being a source of support and a helping hand in any and all ways.

Our hopes and thoughts are with the people of Fort McMurray and we are confident that our neighbour to the North will be able to triumph through the adversity they are facing and come out a stronger and tighter community.

Westridge Cabinets (Red Deer)