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Sub-Contractor Installer

Westridge Cabinets is seeking 3 independent sub-contractor installers for project work in Calgary, AB.


Installers are responsible for all installation of Westridge cabinets. Installers go into both new and occupied homes to install our product. The goals of Installers are to provide a service that is 100% complete, 100% quality, and 100% on time. Because Installers are responsible for the installation of Westridge product, their role is a very important one. Installers create an impression of our company and our product and therefore must be successful in their role.

You are a member of the Branch’s Field Service Team, and together with the Service Technicians, Measurers, Inspectors, Field Coordinators and Schedulers, you are responsible for seeing that the cabinetry is in satisfactory condition before the homeowner takes possession of the home. This work must be undertaken in such a fashion as to ensure the company achieves its revenue goals. These in turn are key to meeting all of the company goals:

* Guarantee satisfaction and value for our customers.

* Contribute to a work environment that fosters pride in being part of a winning team and promotes personal growth.

* Maintain personal productivity and quality standards that make possible financial returns so that the company may continue to provide excellent service to our customers and ensure job security and career growth to our staff.

You and your team are responsible for supporting the company vision, mission and values. Because you are usually the last Westridge Cabinets contact with the customer, you are in a strong position to influence the customer’s image of Westridge, its products and services. As a result, this position requires a sense of dedication, tact, effective time management and professionalism manifested in wanting to see the job done well.


1) Installers are to receive their Installation schedule from the Installation Coordinator.

2) At each job site, Installers are responsible for providing the customer with clean and 100% installation.


1) Experience with cabinet installation is necessary.

2) Training in carpentry and/or joinery is an asset.

3) Must have a reliable vehicle in order to transport tools and all necessary equipment to and from job sites.

4) Must be willing and able to travel to various locations in Edmonton, AB (some work may be offered outside the Edmonton Area)

5) Take pride in your work.

6) Must have your own WCB Account

7) Must carry at least $2,000,000 third party liability insurance

Compensation will be based on standard Westridge Cabinets rates.

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