Kitchen Trends: The Matte Kitchen

by | May 10, 2017

The End Of Stainless Steel?

The time of the shiny futuristic look of stainless steel kitchen appliances is coming to a close. This popular trend has left its mark on the debut of the new millennium, and has been giving leeway to other styles of kitchen appliances for several years now. One of the most interesting of these appliance styles is matte. As matte trends in other areas take the world by storm, the matte kitchen trend is looking for it’s place to shine (figuratively).

Photo credit: The Slate series from GE—Image via GE Appliances

Custom Kitchens Love The Matte Trend

Creating an entirely unique gathering place for your family is getting easier with the rise of new kitchen trends. The classic stainless steel appliances give way to new ideas, contemporary cabinet styles allow for complete customization, and new innovations in the way we organize our kitchens allow us to have complete control. With new trends, styles, and materials comes the opportunity to create a unique space that “WOW”s guests while simultaneously increasing the value of your home.


Curbed wrote a great article in 2015 about 5 Fab Alternatives to Stainless Steel Appliances in the Kitchen that are stealing the spotlight from stainless steel:


“… [we] asked readers how they felt about stainless steel drew nearly 2,000 votes and though a whole lot of people vouched for the shiny, ‘industrial-chic’ material as the modern standard, the greatest number of votes (849) went to “open to other options.”

Photo Credit: The Slate series from GE – Image via GE Appliances

Slate Kitchen Appliances In Colour

The great thing about matte appliances that differ from stainless steel is that you have a choice of colour. Stainless steel restricts your kitchen appliances to one colour, one look. Slate appliances are flexible in their colours which is another step towards fully custom kitchens. For example, Whirlpool came out with a “White Ice” collection that compliments the classic full white kitchen. The other colours included in the matte category are more classic such as black or earthier tones as we saw in GE’s Slate Series. With more people being interested in the matte trend, we expect to see more colours being available in the future.
Photo credit: Whirlpool “White Ice” Collection – Image via Whirlpool
Custom kitchens are seeing more appliances make the shift to matte. For something a little different, Westridge Cabinets is on board with this trend! If you’re a matte lover, contact us to talk about matte finished cabinets and what Westridge Cabinets can do to help make your gathering place uniquely yours.