Organizing Your Kitchen After A Renovation

by | May 1, 2017

Your kitchen space has been completely redesigned and now it is time for you to put all of your kitchen supplies and food goods back into place, but how do you avoid the usual pitfalls of kitchen clutter?

Below is a collection of advice to help you organize your kitchen with some great ideas and life-hacks that will keep your space orderly, and clutter free.

Empty Your Food Into Containers

By removing food from their packaging, you can eliminate the sensory overload that occurs when you open your cupboards. Grocery store packaging is designed to compete for your eyes’ attention. With hundreds of brands in your cupboard competing for your attention, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to find something.

Simple glass or plastic jars can help you keep your kitchen cupboards organized. With uniform container sizes for similar products, you can easily find what you are looking for. Of course, a labelling system is also in order so that you don’t make the mistake of putting salt in your coffee.

Use Small Bins to Group Loose Items Together

Sorting through all your spice jars while they are in the cupboard can be difficult. Try putting all your spice containers in a bin to keep your kitchen organized. Group all of your savoury spices together and when you are cooking dinner, you can simply reach for the bin. With the bin on the counter, it’s much easier to find what you are looking for.

Wicker baskets make lightweight, classy organizers, but simple plastic bins can be purchased inexpensively from most retail stores. Don’t forget to label the side of the bin to make it easy to identify one bin from the next.

Maximize Vertical Space by Using Small In-Cupboard Shelves or Risers

Upper kitchen cabinets often feature an excess of vertical space, but there are ways to organize your kitchen to take advantage of every inch of space. One of the simplest solutions is to further divide your stackable items with small in-cupboard shelves. Whether they are made of plastic or metal, these shelves serve to keep similar items close by, but still separated for easy access. Instead of storing your small plates on top of your large ones, why not divide them with a small shelf. This will remove the stress of lifting the top plates to get at those below.

When everything in your cupboard is the same height it can make it difficult to find what you are looking for. Risers (organizers that look like a staircase) can be found at your local home organization store. They will help you to see items further back in your cupboard by making them appear taller. It’s a great way to organize a large group of similarly sized items such as spice jars, or canned goods.

Plastic Hooks Keep Lightweight Utensils Close By

A great place to store hangable light-weight items are on the inside of your cabinet doors. With plastic organization hooks, you can place spatulas or oven mitts in handy locations by the counters where you will use them the most. Best of all, these items will be out of sight when you close the door. Be careful to make sure that installing the two sided tape will not ruin the finish of your cupboards. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your local Westridge Cabinets’ specialists.

Store Baking Sheets and Cutting Boards Upright for Easy Access

The last thing you want in a newly finished kitchen is clutter or inconvenience. Storing baking sheets or cutting boards flat in a drawer often means wasted storage, or a hassle getting them out.  With wire organizers you can take a shelved cabinet and store your flat kitchenware upright.  The wire divider acts similar to a book end and prevents your pans from tumbling over.  When you want a cutting board or baking pan, just reach into the cupboard and slide one out.

Use multiple wire dividers to store several items in a row. This could include glass baking pans or serving dishes. Any square kitchen accessories can be stored like you would books on a shelve.

Clear The Clutter Of Old Cookbooks With A Modern App

The problem with cookbooks is that they usually only contain a handful of “keeper” recipes and yet they take up so much space. Breathe new life into your recipes by storing them in an app (like Paprika or Basil).  These apps are easy to use and live on your cell phone or tablet.  Not only that, but when you are feeding a larger audience, they allow you to scale recipes with the click of a button.

When you are searching for a recipe, instead of fumbling through a drawer of clippings, or flipping through books trying to remember which one contains the recipe you are looking for you can just open up your app and use the search bar.

An Organized Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

With the kitchen being the centre of most households, it can provide much needed respite from the bustle of modern lifestyle.  Finding a way to organize your kitchen that meets your needs can keep it a stress free environment, and provide a gathering place for the whole family.

Do you want more organization ideas?

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