Top 5 Kitchen Trends of 2017

by | Mar 15, 2017

Our kitchens are the heart and soul of our homes. From modern stylings to utilizing more rustic influences, your kitchen is entirely your own to decorate and organize however you want. This year, there are some great kitchen trends that aren’t only stylish, but they’re functional as well. That’s right, you can have it all!

1. The ‘Industrial’ Trend

Exposed brick, pipes, and concrete have made it’s way into our kitchens, and we’ve never loved it more. This trend has made its headway first in Scandinavia, before jumping across the pond to North America. The industrial look redefines the most popular room in your home with cutting edge, unique, and customizable style. Your gathering place just got a lot more trendy!

2. The ‘Handleless Door’ Trend

Cabinets without handles are coming into play this year. With an emphasis on a linear and sleek look, people are increasingly ditching the handles and going for a push-to-open, or pull-to-open feature. This style is plain, sleek, and minimalist. Pairing this look with neutral tones is very on trend this year, we expect to see much more of this trend in 2017! Send us a message to learn more about Westridge’s handleless options.
Westridge’s Handleless Cabinets

3. The ‘Clutter-Free Countertop’ Trend

Clutter is never welcome in a busy kitchen, so this year clutter-free countertops are making a statement. This minimalistic look opens up the space in your kitchen, and allows for more room for your family to gather. This trend is especially popular with smaller kitchens as the open counter space makes the kitchen seem larger.

Westridge’s Clutter-free Countertops

4. The ‘Better Storage Solutions’ Trend

To enable the clutter-free countertop style, storage solutions are more and more sought after. Solutions such as pantries with high quality shelving, cabinets, and other accessories that help organize your space are increasing in everyday kitchens. The trend is to have more accessories within your storage solutions that will help organize your belongings, and maximize space. Say hello to easy compartmentalizing solutions! Message Westridge right here on Facebook to discover storage solutions that will complement your lifestyle!

Westridge Cabinets Storage Solutions

5. The ‘Copper Accents’ Trend

From appliances to handles to range hoods, copper is a trend that is rapidly taking over. Pair your copper accents with neutral colours and you’ll have a kitchen that will withstand the test of time. Choosing copper over stainless steel upgrades your kitchen, creates a more dynamic look, and warms up your kitchen.

Which trend do you want to try first?

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