Upgrade Your Waste Disposal To Breeze Through Municipal Bylaws

by | Jun 5, 2017

Waste Management Is Changing

Many towns and cities across Canada have implemented waste management systems, these systems are important factors when considering the waste disposal system in your home. Sorting through your recyclables, garbage, and compost when it comes time to take the waste bins to the curb takes time, now you can cut that time out with integrated waste disposal systems in your kitchen.

Waste Disposal Solutions

Does your recycling pile up out in the open? Do you have to go to the garage everytime you have to dispose of a can, or a pasta box? Integrated waste disposal is the solution for you. Having your different waste categories organized into bins allows for maximum functionality and ease. No more having to keep unsightly waste in your kitchen, you can hide it from view, and at the same time have a fully functional kitchen.

New Regulations Affect Home Organization Methods

Sorting the trash is not an activity that anyone particularly enjoys. It’s smelly, messy, and avoidable. Waste management systems have been in place for a long time, but in recent years there has been a shift in certain Canadian communities, such as Airdrie, Alberta. April 3, 2017 marked the beginning of Airdrie’s stricter waste management regime. This new regime has changed the way that residents of Airdrie dispose of their waste, which means that many people are having to find new ways of tossing their trash.

“Starting the week of April 3, single family homes in Airdrie will start receiving curbside recycling collection. Along with the addition of a blue cart program, changes to garbage collection will be implemented including a reduction to one bag per week of garbage. ” from the City of Airdrie.

New bylaws such as this one makes the standard ‘garbage under the sink’ system pale in comparison to what your waste management system could look like. There are ways to organize your waste disposal system that is both functional, and out of sight.

Custom Kitchens Reflect Your Lifestyle

Completely customizable waste disposal solutions are at your fingertips. There are many options for waste disposal systems at Westridge Cabinets – each of them have customizable details. Forget the hassle of new or existing bylaws, your kitchen can reflect your lifestyle, and at the same time be far more efficient.

Upgrade Your Waste Disposal System!

Municipal bylaws don’t need to be a hassle – customized waste disposal makes it easy!

Explore your custom waste disposal options with Westridge Cabinets.

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