how to play roulette at casino Understand the Rules with Roulette By using Our own Specialist Tutorial

We can distinguish many game strategies based on progression and many mathematicians have searched for effective ways to win at roulette. Although not a single strategy guarantees success, the most popular strategy for a long time is the martingale strategy, which is based on the classic progression. This strategy consists of increasing the stake after each loss and returning the amount to the original value after each win.

In roulette, as well as in live roulette, players often opt for simple bets, e.g. Colours. Some are also waiting for a number of lucky wins to increase their stake, e.g. three black in a row, three odd numbers in a row, etc.

However, it is very risky to play online roulette using the martingale strategy, especially at roulette tables with strict betting limits. You will eventually get to a point where you cannot raise your bets anymore. Additionally, the rate at which the stakes are increasing can be very fast, so you need to carefully manage your money. You can try this strategy in the free demo roulette version to see how risky it is.

Another strategy that you can consider is based on the Fibonacci sequence. It is also a progressive system, but in this case the bet increases more slowly; the amount you bet is equal to the sum of the previous two.

Many players strive to find an effective way to win at this game.