What Do Home Buyers Want In A Kitchen?

by | Nov 1, 2017

As a home builder, knowing the upcoming home trends is important. Most importantly, however, is the heart of the home – the kitchen. Understanding what home buyers want out of a kitchen creates an opportunity to build what they need. You may pay attention on the best australian casino online. As your largest Alberta cabinet makers, we’re going to give you some tips for what we have picked up on over the years as kitchen designers.

Times have changed and the home has changed with it. There’s no doubt that families are evolving in the way they communicate and live together. Especially when a family is young, having the right kitchen design will make a big difference.

Home Buyers Want A Large Kitchen Island

As families evolve, doing homework at the kitchen table has transformed into doing homework at the island. The kitchen island is the central location of all the action in the home. You can sit up at it for breakfast, have snacks there, cook on it, and if it’s big enough complete all these tasks while others do their work.

For custom home builders, the kitchen design is mostly up to the buyer. But for condo developments or other home builders, it’s important to have a layout that people can use. The large kitchen island is a great way to pull in potential buyers.

Home Buyers Want Open Shelves

Open floor plans have led way to this expectation that home buyers seek out. Open shelving is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a great way to show off a coffee bar, or the carefully chosen colours of their dishes. In a white kitchen design, open shelves give the entire space a pop of colour and intrigue.

Though open shelves tend to increase the feeling of clutter, buyers should know how to style them. Direct your client to our blog “Fall in Love with Open Shelf Kitchens“.

Home Buyers Look For Smart Storage Options

With the more open kitchens and open shelves comes the need for better ways to store the normal kitchen clutter. Whether that’s a cupboard of food or a closet of linens, home buyers are looking for spacious storage in their kitchen design. Storage options from custom cabinets to large pantries allow for homeowners to store anything they need out of sight, but still in reach. This will enable their kitchen design goals while being practical.

Show home buyers how to get more out of their storage with our blog “Getting More Space Out of Your Storage.

Home Buyers Are Looking Towards Quartz Countertops

Steering away from granite, home buyers seem to be embracing Quartz countertops. The finish is fresh, comes in a variety of colours, and it completes a modern look. Plus, studies show that quartz is more durable than granite.

Home Buyers Always Look To Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel is the norm and it can be a huge deal breaker for potential home buyers. We’re seeing some manufacturers coming out with other modern styles such as the “Matte Kitchen Trend“. But until that trend becomes more main stream, home buyers will want nothing less than the modern and sophisticated stainless steel appliances integrated into their kitchen design.

As cabinet makers, we at Westridge Cabinets have helped a lot of home buyers make decisions about their kitchen design – even consulting them along the way. We’ve seen it all from the most modern and sleek kitchens to the old school classics.

Our cabinet makers are incredibly skilled in the art of kitchen (and home) design. We have created excellent organizational spaces in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, even garages. We have never neglected to support our home builder partners and their clients to reach the perfect end product.

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