Westridge cabinets

Producing Quality Cabinetry For Over 30 Years

Westridge Cabinets has grown from humble beginnings. What started as a distribution centre in Red Deer, Alberta has turned into the largest fully-integrated cabinet manufacturer in Western Canada. With over 30 years experience of advanced handcrafting and woodwork, we treat our cabinetry as a fine art. Hurry up and start winning with quickhitsslots at our casino. Limited supply!

All our products are crafted in-house, giving you the ability to completely customize your home. Unlike other cabinetry companies, Westridge Cabinets has the ability to control the entire process, from design and production to the installation of our cabinets. We ensure that our products are of the highest quality for our customers. You may pay attention on the best australian casino pokies. Furthermore, we are heavily invested in the development of new products, design optimization, and investing in the people and infrastructure that make it all possible.

Westridge Cabinets Are Proudly Manufactured In Alberta

Westridge Cabinets are made 100% in Alberta. For over 30 years we have delivered reputable quality and service that our customers know and love. Working with a full team of quality kitchen cabinets manufacturers, we keep our process in-house from start to finish.

Westridge has harnessed the power of optimization software and technologies to reduce the waste produced in the cutting and edging processes for the production of all our components. In fact, our sustainability practices in manufacturing have helped reduce our new product purchases by approximately 84%. Any new products we purchase are made of 100% recycled and recovered materials, we also work with sustainably managed forests.

Giving Back To Our Community

We have invested in local opportunities for over 30 years and are proud to continue our commitment in improving our community. Westridge partners with the County of Red Deer to ensure that the 400 tons of sawdust we produce each year is used to maintain the roads at the regional landfill facility.

Additionally, we support the following charities.

Totally Integrated From Design To Installation

Kitchen design to installation, a fully integrated approach to kitchen cabinetry. Ensuring that we produce the highest quality from start to finish. At Westridge, we hand-craft every piece of cabinetry, and test the robustness of the finishes, ensuring they adhere to the demands of everyday use. In addition, our industry-leading quality control standards, ensure that our cabinets are of the highest standard.

We continuously strive to refine and improve our processes and products that have set the benchmark for the industry standard, so we can continue to deliver the best value. There is simply nothing better. Above all, we are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled service, quality, and solutions, custom built for life.

Wood Preparation & Door Shop

We sand, size, and prepare the wood for staining in-house. Our cabinetmakers can both match the trims and styles throughout your house, or we can create a unique design. Our wood preparation process is both an art form, and a science. We sculpt our wood and choose different grades of sandpaper in order to produce the look that you are after. We pride ourselves on precision, care, and attention to detail when making the fundamental preparations to the wood.

Similarly, our tailor-made doors can be made to fit into any space. Westridge Cabinets has the complete custom capabilities to design cabinets of any size and style. Any door requirements you may have, we are capable of producing. Bring an existing door into the shop to show us the style or size and we can match it!


Finishing is that final touch that makes cabinets look traditional, modern, classic or transitional. With our paints, stains, glaze, and gloss finishes there are boundless options to choose from.

It is common to have many different breeds of wood around your home such as cherry, oak, maple, and many more, but how do the wood species work together? Unify your floors, windows, kitchen cabinets, doors, and other features of your home by showing our team photos of your current space. We can stain or polish different woods to tie everything together. We do more than just cabinet finishing, we take a holistic approach to interior kitchen and home matching design.


Westridge Cabinets proudly manufactures our cabinets with superior box construction. We assemble our cabinets in house to ensure the best construct in the final stages of manufacturing. This also makes it easier for our customers, due to the fact that they don’t have to lift a finger in the process! We use dowels to fasten the cabinets pieces, and our gables and backs are the standard 5/8”.

At Westridge, we carefully craft each of the elements of the cabinet, and assemble them together in a secure manner. This ensures that your cabinets will be used properly, and avoid any structural complications.


You’ve hand picked your cabinets, and now it’s time to install them. Westridge Cabinets offers professional installation services for all of our customers and clients who purchase from Westridge Cabinets. Our cabinet installation specialists have been trained to install all different shapes and sizes of cabinets. At Westridge, we ensure that your cabinets are handled with the same care that was put into your selection.

Our professional cabinet installation team takes care of the entire installation process. Your schedule is our schedule, we tailor to your timeframe when performing the installation. To ensure an easy transformation, Westridge Cabinets works with you to make the process run smoothly and worry-free.

Limited Lifetime Warranty*

At Westridge, we test the robustness of the finishes to the demands of daily use with industry leading rigour in quality control standards. Therefore, Westridge Cabinets is proud to back every cabinet with our Limited Lifetime Warranty*.

We continuously strive to refine and improve our processes and products that have set the benchmark for the industry standard. It’s because of this that we can continue to deliver the best value. There is simply nothing better.

*Conditions apply.  Contact Westridge Cabinets for full details.

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Cabinets For Any Project

Westridge Cabinets takes pride in our partners. We work closely with our resellers, home builders, and condo developers to ensure their customers get the highest quality cabinets available. Our fully integrated facilities allows us to showcase our comprehensive and transparent design and manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to craft high quality products that make our partners proud, and our mutual customers happy. Whether you’re building a large scale condo, building individual homes, or you’re looking to become a reseller, Westridge welcomes you to the team.