Cabinetry Finishes


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Spray & Wipe Stains

Stains maintain your wood’s integrity while showcasing its unique grains and variations. For a light finish, spray stains and wipe stains create the natural ambiance that you are looking for.

Artistic Glaze

For a unique space where no two cabinet doors are exactly identical, the artistic glaze finish naturally highlights the intriging aspects of the grain, but can also soften certain features in the wood.

Glossy UV Lacquered

Take control over your modern styled space with a UV lacquered high gloss finish. Discover the uniqueness of smooth, mirror like cabinets by viewing our gallery of finishing options.

Eco Wood

Enhance the natural beauty of your cabinets with an eco wood finish. This green product allows your cabinets to speak for themselves. Explore the natural beauty of eco wood finishes.

Textured Melamine

Textured melamine produces the look and feel of real wood, but with superior durability and consistency. Get the natural look you want with the ability to design it exactly to your taste.


Finishing your cabinets with a clean paint job is a great option for those who want complete control over the look and feel of their cabinets. The solid colours that a paint finish provides are uniform, crisp, and clean. A paint finished cabinet style mutes the natural qualities of the wood while making the signature design characteristics of your cabinet style more prominent. Create a feeling that ranges from contemporary to timeless with a classic paint finish.

Spray Stains

Spray stains allow your cabinets to speak for themselves. Unlike paint, a spray stain will allow for the wood species underneath the treatment to come through. The grain and natural variations of the wood will remain, allowing itself to become an instrument in the overall style of your home. With spray stains, you let the materials speak for themselves with a light treatment to keep them intact.

Wipe Stains

To enhance the look of the wood species of your cabinets, wipe stains are your go-to finish. Wipe stains create a depth that enhances the natural beauty of the wood. The grain and variations of the wood species are further enhanced by the hands of our product artisans to create a finish that is as individual as your unique style.

Artistic Glaze

An artistic glaze transforms your finish, creating points of interest and emphasis beyond the original cabinet style. Used to increase the intensity in some details, while softening the characteristics of others, the artistic glaze creates a truly unique look. The result is a glorious combination of variation where no two doors are exactly alike.

UV Lacquered High Gloss

UV lacquered high gloss finishes have a perfectly smooth, highly reflective, mirror like finish. After being lacquered on the front and all four edges, your cabinets will have a beautifully modern look. UV lacquered high gloss is the ultimate modern look that will transform the look and feel of your space.

Eco Wood

Eco Wood is a non-toxic wood stain treatment that turns wood from its normal into a high end aged look. This cabinet finish option is a no-maintenance treatment that does not wear, fade, or peel. A natural, green product, eco wood enhances the wood’s natural beauty.

Textured Melamine

Get the look and feel of all natural wood grain, but with superior durability and consistency. Textured melamine is a man-made product that allows your cabinetry to have the appearance of real wood, but without the need to use a finishing treatment. Textured melamine is a very popular choice amongst contemporary kitchen designs due to it’s superior durability and high quality style.