Warranty Information

Westridge Cabinets Ltd. (“Westridge”) warrants to the original consumer purchaser of Westridge’s product that for as long as they own their home, Westridge’s products will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. This warranty only applies to products used in residential applications in Canada and the United States and is void upon transfer of ownership. You may pay attention on the best australian casino bonuses. In the event of a defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and within the warranty terms, we will repair or replace, at our option, the defect, free of charge. Non-Westridge products such as appliances, counter tops (excl. Westridge-built and installed laminate counter tops), flooring, tiling, etc. are not covered under this warranty nor are the costs, including labour, to remove and reinstall these materials and related components.

In the case of a discontinued product, Westridge may choose to replace the product in question with a new product of the same style to achieve the same aesthetic as the original product.

If a product has been replaced, Westridge cannot guarantee that the replaced product will exactly match the finish and appearance of the original cabinets. This is due to changes that occur as wood ages naturally, affecting its colour and grain.

Verification of the original purchase may be required before warranty services are rendered. For the first year following purchase, Westridge will offer walkthrough inspections free of charge. After this one year period has elapsed, an $85 charge will be applied to inspect potential warranty claims.

Please contact Westridge Cabinets for suggestions on how to properly care for your product, as well as wood and finish specifications and humidification guidelines.

Outsoured Doors, Drawer Slides, Door Hinges, and Other Hardware

Outsourced doors (e.g. certain thermofoils), drawer slides, door hinges, and other hardware used in Westridge product is warrantied by the original manufacturer (not Westridge Cabinets Ltd.) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty offered by Westridge Cabinets on these products shall reflect the terms and durations of the original manufacturer. This original manufacturer’s warranty is passed through to the original consumer purchaser and, in most instances, repair or replacement can be obtained by contacting Westridge Cabinets.

Westridge supplier warranty information made available on request.

Issues Not Covered Under This Warranty
  • Cabinets with evidence of misuse, abuse, neglect, modification, improper installation or storage.
  • Change in colour due to aging or exposure to sunlight within the home.
  • Fine scratches, food stains, small chips, and anything deemed to be the result of “normal wear and tear.”
  • Cost of removal, transportation, and installation.
  • Any labour costs or consequential damage.
  • Mirrors that develop “black edges.”
  • “Waterfall” laminate countertops.
  • Any product used or installed in conjunction with Westridge product (e.g. plumbing fixtures, gas or electric appliances).
  • Countertop labour and materials used in conjunction with Westridge Cabinets
  • Natural wood shrinkage, growth, and/or warpage due to abnormal humidification within the dwelling. Normal levels of humidification are in the range of 25% – 35%. Anything beyond this range is considered abnormal.
  • Defects noticeable at the time of installation but not documented within the first year of ownership (e.g. screw ends drilled through a drawer box).
Situations Thata May Void This Warranty

This Warranty is void under the following circumstances:

  • Exposure to extreme, rapid, or dramatic changes to the destination environment causing excessive ambient humidity or dryness; e.g. flooding, pouring of concrete, improper temperature control causing freezing or excessive heat. This warranty may also be void if the home is not equipped with a permanent, integrated humidification system.
  • Exposure of thermofoil doors to temperatures exceeding 85°C (185°F) will void the warranty.
  • Damage in transit by a third party carrier.
  • Failure caused by abuse, misuse, commercial, or abnormal usage.
  • Faulty third party installation.
  • Damage in an accident.
  • Improper maintenance or repairs other than those authorized by Westridge Cabinets staff.

This is the exclusive warranty provided by Westridge Cabinets and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Furthermore, this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective parts or materials only. We reserve the right to alter our specifications at any time.

Important Warranty Notations
  • Any defects reported after 1 year of the product’s ship date will be classified as warranty.
  • Warranty includes supply of materials to repair the reported issue. It does not include labour to repair and replace.
  • Westridge has the right to change its product offerings at any time, which may result in the discontinuing of current offerings. Therefore exact matches to colour, door styles, and moulding may not be possible if the product is discontinued.
  • Laminate countertops manufactured and built by Westridge Cabinets are warrantied for up to 1 year from Install (excluding Waterfall Laminate Countertops). Westridge Cabinets reserves the rights to approval on all warranty requests, and has the right to reject such requests if certain criteria are not met.
  • Assessments or 1 year walk through appointments are available free of charge on request from either the homeowner or builder. After 1 year has elapsed, the assessment appointments moves to warranty, where an $85 charge will apply.
  • Note – billable Assessments are sometimes required, and are up to the discretion of the Westridge Service team.
  • Westridge Reserves the Right to change or update Warranty offerings at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Westridge Cabinets or the Warranty that accompanies them, please do not hestiate to contact us.