Closed Grain Species

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Open Grain Species

Open grained wood species include hickory, oak, and walnut. This grain type indicates larger open pores which results in a more coarse finish.

Closed Grain Wood Species

Closed grain wood is very uniform in its appearance and texture. For a clean, static look, the fine grain species are the perfect choice. With their fine, closely spaced grain, the texture of the wood once sanded will reveal a satin-like surface that can then be finished, using any treatment, with ease.

Due to the grain being in tight proximity, it does not have much variation in colour. While this feature is ideal for certain styles, there are finishes that will bring out the colour contrasts in these wood species that will give it more depth.

maple wood cabinet


Acer saccharum   – Maple is a medium to hard density hardwood and one of our most popular species for wood cabinets. It has a fine closed grain, a smooth uniform texture, and a heartwood that ranges from a clean white to a slight hint of red. It readily accepts almost every stain treatment and paint finish and has limitless potential.

cherry wood cabinet


Prunus serotine  – This medium-density hardwood has a very fine, uniform smooth grain that is known for producing a satin-like finish. Cherry has a unique colour that graduates from a deep red to a dark reddish brown. This colour tends to achieve greater richness and depths while it ages and gains light exposure.

alder wood cabinet


Alnus rubra  – Alder is a straight, fine grain and relatively soft hardwood with a uniform texture that has a either a reddish brown or a yellowish brown colour. When stain is accepted by Alder, it blends well with Mahogany, Cherry, and Walnut.

Open Grain Wood Species

For a unique look and feel, open grained species are a great option for wood cabinets. With their open pores, the texture is a bit more rugged compared to the close grained species. However, fillers and other finishes may be introduced to the open grain species in order to achieve a smooth finishing effect. Open grain makes for a more interesting design, and allows for your cabinets to embody a unique style.

The open grain wood species are more difficult to work with, but once perfected by Westridge manufacturers, the pay-off is huge. Your gathering place will be completely unique.

hickory wood cabinet


Carya spp  – Hickory is the hardest and strongest hardwood among our wood species offerings. With a reddish brown heartwood that usually features straight grains, a wavy or irregular grain is commonly found. This is an extremely resilient hardwood that accepts a full-spectrum of medium to dark stains as well as bleached colour treatments.

oak wood cabinet


Quercus spp   – Oak is a hard and heavy hardwood with a straight grain that is open with distinctive sweeps, arching, and has a coarse texture. Its colour ranges from light brown to a dark brown, or brown with a slight reddish hue. It is popular choice for wood cabinets due to its traditional look, or rustic feel.

walnut wood cabinet


Juglans nigra   – Black Walnut is a medium density hardwood that possesses a generally straight, open grain that often features decorative waves and curls. It has a smooth, uniform texture and has an exceptional finish that readily accepting paints and stains. The colour of the hardwood ranges from a light brown to rich chocolate browns with purplish overtones. Black Walnut, akin to Cherry, deepens in character and becomes more lustrous with age.