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Customizable Cabinetry For All Styles And Tastes

The kitchen is going through a metamorphosis. In the past, classic kitchens were simply a utilitarian place to cook meals. You may pay attention on the best australian casino no deposit bonus. It has recently, however, transformed into a place where the family comes together to eat, socialize, do homework, and work. Transitional kitchens show off the home’s newfound ability to walk the line between traditional and modern kitchens.

The opportunity for homeowners to customize their home in order to reflect their unique lifestyle is here. For ultimate originality, contemporary kitchens exhibit the capacity to push the boundaries of traditional kitchens. From classic, transitional, modern, and contemporary, Westridge Cabinets knows that life happens in your gathering place – so why not make it entirely your own. Play at the best casino with us on bet365 deutschland. Bonus for the first 100 people!

Classic Kitchen & Bath Styles

Timeless and elegant, the classic kitchen uses a neutral palette, and perennial features. For the ultimate classic look, cabinets will show off everlasting features such as old-fashioned turn latches on the doors, exposed hinges, and cup pulls on the drawers.

The classic kitchen uses recessed panel cabinet styles as well as raised panel cabinet styles to complete the look. Both designs compliment a classic kitchen’s elegant feel. With the choice of finish and wood species, your classic kitchen is customized to your immutable style.


Transitional cabinets walk the line between classic and modern. Cabinets in transitional kitchens have simple panelled doors and sleek hardware. Steering clear of much detail or flourish, transitional spaces keep it simple, yet elegant. Keeping with the minimalistic feel, you can expect to avoid clutter, or too much ornamentation.

Mixing natural materials with manufactured ones is the crux of a transitional styled home. Incorporating elements from both the classic and the modern means that you get the best of both worlds, and the ability to customize your style and make it your own.

Modern Kitchen & Bath Styles

Modern kitchens are recognizable from their strong horizontal lines, frameless cabinets, as well as minimal and sleek hardware. Other characteristics include a lack of ornamentation, however natural elements are featured throughout the layout.

Modern styles include bold colours, lots of natural lighting, and clean lines. Modern cabinet styles can be reflected with many styles of cabinets, from recessed and raised panels, to slab panels. A modern cabinet will have versatile finishes that are smooth, and minimalistic. Accent colours are popular among many modern kitchens, with colours ranging from the deepest blues to the most powerful reds.

Contemporary Kitchen & Bath Styles

Contemporary designs and styles elude a particular era of time which is what makes them so unique. A contemporary gathering place is whatever you want it to be. By using different styles and materials, you have the ability to truly express your style, therefore creating a space entirely your own.

Using materials such as ecowood, or UV lacquer finishes, a contemporary kitchen is open to your own personal interpretation. Slab panel cabinet styles are popular in contemporary style and design. The right angles and smooth surface eludes time, walking the lines between classic, transitional, and modern.