Cabinet Styles

Recessed Panel

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Raised Panel

For those with a flair for the ornate, raised panel creates the refined and sophisticated signature of a true classic, as a result it is a popular choice.

Slab Panel

Ultimate simplicity and clean lines. Slab panels create any style from contemporary to industrial with its distinct lines and right angles.

Recessed Panels

Recessed panel cabinet doors have a slightly depressed centre or feature, because of this, it creates dimension in your home. For functional focus and clean lines, recessed panels are your go-to. These streamlines characteristics of the flat panel design are highly versatile and they allow for the creation of spaces that range from modern to contemporary.

The recessed panel also captures the warmth and familiarity of a more traditional home. Recessed panel cabinetry is known to incorporate arches or square angles, creating a more intriguing dimension to your cabinetry. Westridge Cabinets offer many customizable features of recessed panels including glass, or a featured trim that adds elegance to the door.

Raised Panels

Raised panel cabinet doors are pieces with a slightly raised centre, or feature. This style is one of the most popular due to its versatility and ability to function in a traditional, as well as modern setting.

For distinctive and detailed design, raised panel doors are for those who have a flair for the ornate. The raised panel creates an accomplished look from the nouveau and opulent, to the refined, yet sophisticated signatures of a true classic. This versatile design allows for both a traditional and modern look with unique customizable features such as glass. Raised panel creates new dimensions that can be used to create detail as well as intrigue.

Slab Panels

A slab panel cabinet door is a flat door with no frame or panel. They are mostly used for contemporary or transitional designs, however, their versatile nature allows for many different looks depending on finish and materials.

Slab panel doors are the ultimate choice when looking for simplicity. Their hallmarks include distinct lines and right angles. They also define spaces that are crisp and clean, casual as well as open. The slab panel has the ability to create anything from contemporary and modern, to something utilitarian and industrial.