The Importance Of Professional Cabinet Installation

by | Sep 1, 2017

Why Is Cabinet Installation Important?

When cabinets are installed incorrectly, the integrity of the design goes out the door. Without the knowledge of how the cabinets were crafted and how they fit together into their designated areas, their design can be compromised during the installation process. The installation process is the final piece of the puzzle, and as we all know you never force a puzzle piece into its place. The Westridge Cabinets installation team masterfully fits the customer’s carefully choosen cabinets into place, giving your customers the fully finished picture.

Turn-Key Project Management

Westridge Cabinets takes control over our cabinets with our fully integrated manufacturing facilities. From initial planning to the finishing installations of the cabinets, Westridge ensures the integrity and style of our carefully crafted cabinets. Customers expect their projects to run smoothly up until the final quality check of their finished home. Our professional cabinet installers come prepared with all the equipment necessary for installations and onsite adjustments to ensure a smooth installation process.

Photo Credit: Westridge Cabinets Ltd

An Extension Of Home Builders

Our skilled crew of professional cabinet installers work as an extension of our partners’ teams. Instead of having a “hired hand”, Westridge’s team joins your team as an extra arm. Your schedule is our schedule. We understand the need for operations to run smoothly in order to bring a home to market on time, and on budget. Westridge aims for the mutual success of the home builder, and the buyer. With this in mind you can rest, assured that your home building process will run smoothly with Westridge at your side.

Photo credit: Toor Residence Cabinet Installation
The installation of the cabinets is when the customers see the cabinets in action for the first time so it’s important that they’re installed with precision by professionals. Westridge Cabinets’ professional team of cabinet installers are reliable, precise, and ready to help your homes reach the quality your buyers deserve.

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