Relax Home Builders, Westridge Takes Care Of Your Home Buyers

by | Sep 20, 2017

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Many times, a home buyer doesn’t quite know what they want. As home builders, it’s your sworn duty to guide these home buyers and help them discover what they want out of their custom homes. You may pay attention on the best australian casino bonuses. With everything going on in the home building process, one thing that is always welcome is help. As a top cabinet manufacturer in Alberta, Westridge Cabinets doesn’t only craft kitchens, bathrooms, and other storage spaces, but we design them and install them as well. Your hectic home building process is supported by expert designers and turn-key project management that enables you to focus on the big picture, while we take care of the smaller details. We make the home planning process easy, and we’re about to tell you why home buyers are always thrilled with our process.

Home Buyers Get Flexible Options

Westridge Cabinets understands the pressure that home builders and home buyers are under when building a custom home. With everything going on, it can be difficult for home buyers to come into a showroom location to choose their cabinets which is why Westridge has a few options for home buyers to get their samples easily.

Option 1: Come into a Westridge Cabinets showroom location. Our showrooms are located across Alberta in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. Find the showroom location nearest to you! 


Option 2: Westridge Cabinets sends a sample package. If there is too much going on for a home buyer to come into the showroom, that’s okay, Westridge will send a package of samples to you. 


Option 3:  Westridge Cabinets will send an expert consultant to your home. This option allows for home buyers to get the advice they require, and see the samples without having to travel out of their way. 

Support For Home Builders

Westridge Cabinets does everything we can to support partner home builders in every sense of the word. Our ability to take care of home buyers and guide them through the design process takes a load off of the home builder, and allows for everyone to get what they want and what they need. Most importantly, we take a step back and follow the home builders lead.

Your schedule is our schedule! 

Westridge Cabinets is a fully integrated cabinet manufacturer, and as such, we have the full ability to ensure home builders project timelines are met. Your schedule is our schedule, we understand the demand of bringing a new home to market on time, and on budget. The flexibility we have with our projects extends into every corner of our cabinet manufacturing process. From the initial interaction with the home buyers, to the final steps of the installation, we work towards a seamless process.

Organized For Future Upgrades

Westridge Cabinets keeps files of all the kitchens we have ever manufactured. This means that when the project is finished, and the home buyer wants to change something, or upgrade their storage solutions in the future that Westridge is prepared with all the necessary information to complete the job easily.

Are you looking for a full service cabinet manufacturer?

Westridge Cabinets is the best option for flexible customer service, great products, and quick turnaround. Talk to a Westridge Manager today and give your home buyers the best.

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