Choosing The Right Wood For Your Custom Cabinetry

by | Oct 25, 2017

Do Wood Species Make a Difference?

The answer is irrevocably, yes. The wood that your cabinets are made of set the stage for your entire look. As your preferred Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton cabinet makers our duty is to ensure the integrity of your cabinets through every step of the design process. You may pay attention on the best australian casino. It all begins with the wood species.


Oak is the most common wood species for cabinetry. Its open grain has distinctive sweeps and a coarse texture. This hardwood species has a beautiful reddish tone that can be enhanced or subdued through different finishing techniques. A cherry stain naturally enhances the reddish hue. This traditional species for wood cabinetry is a popular choice.


Cherry is an incredibly durable wood. This species is perfect to withstand the busy kitchen. Mostly used for formal cabinetry and a raised panel style. Its very fine grain creates a uniform smooth texture known for its satin-like finish. Use this wood for a French or English style space.


The hickory wood species is lighter than oak, but has a similar grain and strength. A reddish brown heartwood features straight grains, and wavy or irregular  grain is common. Many times, hickory wood is used to create a rustic look. Not commonly used for custom cabinetry, this wood species is resilient and accepts a great many stains and bleached colour treatments.


Maple is one of our most popular choices for cabinetry. Our Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton cabinet makers are very experienced using this wood species for custom cabinetry. Maple has a smooth uniform texture that usually uses a stain that brings out its natural qualities. This wood species has limitless potential, and excels with a contemporary look.

Natural Characteristics of Wood Species

Canadian wood species are some of the most healthy in the world. As a Canadian company, we are proud that Westridge Cabinets works exclusively with Canadian resources. When dealing with wood, there are natural characteristics that give it some personality. These characteristics are listed below:

Bird Pecks

Bird pecks are small marks made from birds pecking at the trees.


Burls are swirls and twists in the wood that do not contain a knot.

Gum Streaks

Found only in cherry, these are mineral-like flashes of colour.


Heartwood is the mature, darker wood from the sapwood to the pith.

Mineral Streaks

Mineral streaks are olive to dark brown colours that follow the grain.


The lighter colour growth from the inside bark to the darker heartwood.

Sound Knots

These knots show no decay, and are solid across the face of the bark.

Sugar Tracks

Sugar tracks are yellowish to dark brown streaks throughout the wood.


These small holes caused by worms range up to 1/16th of an inch.
Our Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton cabinet makers are well versed in all types of wood species and understand how each species can be used differently. Your custom cabinetry all starts with choosing the right wood species. Explore more of our wood species to understand their importance.

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