Getting More Space Out Of Your Storage

by | Oct 10, 2017

Storage space is one of those things that never go out of style. Whether you’re living in a small condo or a larger home, no one has said no to more storage. Within the plethora of options in custom cabinetry, you can have the storage that suits your exact needs. You may pay attention on the best australian casino online. Whether you’re looking at your kitchen cabinets wanting better organization and storage options, or your bathroom cabinets need a revamping. Here are a few tips to squeeze out some extra storage space in your home.

Maximizing Space in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever noticed the amount of space that packages take up? When you get home from the grocery store all the boxes, snack packs, and bars come in cardboard boxes that capitalize on your cupboard space. Take that packaging and toss it in the trash (or recycling) – you don’t need it! Organize your pantry or cabinets by stacking things neatly on top of and next to each other, and decorative bins or containers can help to manage space efficiently. When putting things away, only put the things you’ll need soon in the main cabinets. If you’re buying paper towels keep one roll on the counter (or drawer), two in the pantry, and the rest in another space in the hallway perhaps. Reserve the VIP spots for items you use more frequently.

People often forget about the vertical space in the kitchen cabinets. When you’ve “run out of room“, look at what you can stack.

Hanging Storage

In a pantry or in the bathroom, over-the-door storage is a huge space saver! There are organizational tools you can purchase to get that extra room on the backs of doors. Whether you’re looking to save room in the pantry by hanging pots and pans, or even in the hanging hang shoes on the back of doors, this type of storage will work wonders. Back of the door storage can also be used for all the cleaning supplies, grocery bags, whatever works for you!

Bathroom Storage

Towels, nail clippers, hair dryers, toilet paper – where do you put it all?! Having enough space is one thing, but having your bathroom cabinets organized is a whole other ball game. What works best inside your cabinets is decorative bins. These containers or decorative bins should be used for similar purposes, beauty in one such as hair and makeup, sanitary items in another such as soaps and washes, you get the idea. Using counter space for storage is another idea. There are organizational tools for purchase, like wicker caskets, where you can store your everyday things such as toothbrush and moisturizer on your counter in a stylish way.

Medicine, of course, should be kept together in the medicine cabinet or another bin. In the case of an emergency or the flu, having to dig around in an unorganized cupboard is not ideal.

Wall mounted racks can also hold your towels, shower caddies can hold all your shampoos etc. At the end of the day, organization and storage space is very similar. When you organize, you’ll find you have more space.

If you’ve become frustrated with your storage space, talk to you local cabinet manufacturers, Westridge Cabinets. We are experts in solving tight storage issues and creating custom cabinetry that suit your needs. Get inspired by our functional designs.

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